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18 Sep 2013

Live chat workshop at Gut Kaden: Ground-breaking discussions in a relaxed atmosphere

Live chat solutions for customer service are becoming popular. Increasingly more companies are relying on quick text-based dialogue with real conversation partners. You could also see this in the practical live chat workshop at Gut Kaden, where novomind invited guests on 4 July.

The interest in the one-day event was large: More than 30 customer service experts from various sectors (such as e.g. OTTO, DAK Gesundheit, DATEV, Samsung and Xing) followed the call. Sylvia Feja and Peter Samuelsen, who moderated the workshop, used the opportunity for a direct exchange with the guests.

Subjects like mobile chat and data protection were discussed. And the workshop also offered a perfect opportunity to debate subjects such as call avoidance, personalisation of chat dialogues and reporting requirements. 'The range of different focal points in the chat projects is immense', Sylvia Feja summarised. 'For this reason, we are on the right path if we configure our applications for novomind iAGENT in the most adaptable way possible'. The most important results of the workshop, which were developed with the clients, should be refined in the next few weeks and months with the goal of making novomind iCHAT an even more valuable aid for customer service.