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02 Aug 2016

Lane change: makes fresh start with novomind iSHOP and novomind iPIM

Mail order firm optimises its web shop and product data supply with software from novomind

Whether it’s spare parts, accessories or care products – the online shop has everything car lovers could wish for. Established in 2005 as an ebay shop, the company has a large product range for private and corporate customers which has made it one of Europe’s largest mail order firms for auto parts and accessories. The experts from novomind, Hamburg, have now helped the company relaunch its web shop using the novomind iSHOP software as well as the novomind iPIM product information system.

novomind iSHOP replaces the existing shop system with the declared objective to significantly boost the shop’s performance. Thanks to the Quick Start Store, the relaunch was completed within only four months. “The comprehensive product range and the many categories were the biggest challenge,” explains Stefan Grieben, Board member of novomind.

The shop offers close to 500,000 products in different categories. “novomind iSHOP is especially effective as we use the in-memory technology. This made it easier to optimally incorporate the many different products and categories,” Stefan Grieben adds. attached top priority to customer friendliness and ease of use. “It is important for the customer to be able to define their car easily and conveniently so that they quickly find the right products,” says Burkhard Rupprecht of

novomind iPIM for reliable product data

An efficient product data supply is ensured by novomind iPIM. The workflow-controlled processes were fully adjusted to the requirements of Here, too, the large product range proved to be a major challenge. The individual products are assigned to vehicle categories and then listed in the shop. novomind iPIM does this as a standard feature, with as many as 12 million assignments completed so far.

As a special feature, an interface was set up with the TecDoc platform, the standard tool for a qualified data base in the automotive industry, to import the information from the TecDoc catalogue.

TecDoc is a second source besides the ERP which supplies the master data. Both converge in novomind iPIM, where the ERP data are automatically enriched with TecDoc data. The OIM system then supplies the shop with the product data.  

To integrate the TecDoc data, a new module has been developed to ensure that only relevant TecDoc data are supplied to the system.