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24 Jan 2017

Joint venture: novomind and D+S strengthen Webservice First omni-channel solution

Expanded portfolio of services: Intelligent FAQ centers available for simple and complex requirements

novomind and the D+S Group, both based in Hamburg, have launched a joint venture to strengthen the existing Webservice First solution of D+S. Moreover, the portfolio of services will be expanded by the availability of interactive FAQ centers and chatbots from novomind.

Webservice First permits the fast and efficient processing of incoming customer requests from all communication channels – i.e. via the web, e-mail, chat, mail or fax – by means of an intuitive software. Webservice First is particularly suited for companies which need a question and answer system for customer communication within a very short period of time.

As a result of the cooperation, customised solutions can now be implemented both for small and mid-sized enterprises and for large corporations, depending on their respective requirements. This is due to the fact that an enterprise solution is now available as an additional solution in the form of the central communication platform novomind iAGENT. The software developers from novomind use AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) to implement interactive, multi-stage FAQ centers which cater even more effectively to the most diverse customer requests. Chatbots can furthermore be used on all relevant channels, e.g. in Facebook Messenger or on companies’ websites.

The joint venture is another step in the digitisation strategy of D+S, a provider of customer care services. “Webservice First offers unique features based on the customer service experience gained by D+S over many decades. This will now be expanded by novomind’s special technical knowledge and product portfolio. We are happy to have won such a strong business partner,” emphasises Ulrich Schmitt, CEO of the D+S Group.

“Through our joint venture we offer companies and organisations of all sizes – from start-ups to international corporations – the right solutions for their web-based customer communications,” says Peter Samuelsen, CEO of novomind AG.

In connection with this cooperation, D+S 360° Webservice GmbH was renamed Webservice First GmbH on 16 December 2016.