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29 Nov 2017

Now also available on eBay: Books on Demand extends its reach with novomind iMARKET

Books on Demand (BoD) offers demand-oriented publication of e-books and books, starting from a single copy edition. The publishing experts from Norderstedt, with over 15 years of experience, are a partner for authors and publishing houses all over the world and are a Europe-wide market leader in this sector. The sales network includes stationary retail as well as online channels.

BoD paved the way for the idea of self-publishing and significantly promoted this publishing channel. Content is digitalised before being published and only printed when an order is made. With direct connections to all major book wholesalers in the book trade, all BoD titles are found in book stores everywhere and in more than 1,000 online stores.

Now, with the link to eBay having been completed, BoD has again considerably extended its reach. For the dependable and targeted connection to the marketplace, BoD has introduced novomind iMARKET, the tailor-made standardised software for strategic marketplace business. The aim is to use its extended reach to get through to even more potential authors, publishers and cooperation partners, who intend to produce their own publications, initially in small editions.