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29 Nov 2011

iPad commerce is on the rise

Over one in four Germans would shop via their tablet PC

Variety of terminals poses a challenge to online traders

iPad and co. are all set to gain market shares as e-shopping devices   
Twenty-nine per cent of Germans would use a tablet PC to shop online if they had one. Eight per cent of the German population are already active tablet shoppers. If the number of tablet users continues to grow at the present rate, touchscreen computers will soon replace smartphones as the third most-important e-shopping channel – after desktop computers and notebooks. These are the findings of a representative online survey conducted on behalf of novomind.

Online shops need to adapt to cross-device commerce
At present, most customers are still making their online purchases via their home computer (71 per cent) or notebook (50 per cent). Nevertheless, retailers and manufacturers must adapt their shopping processes and e-shop technology to a growing array of different terminals. Many e-shop operators have already started to make their platforms more tablet- and smartphone-compatible. In future, for example, customers will be looking for shop concepts that are designed both for mouse and touchscreen operation. “Challenge Number One for the companies is to ensure individual and, at the same time, efficient management of all channels and terminals,” says Peter Wiedekamm, novomind’s Technical Director.

Tablets beat desktop PCs for conversion rate    
The tremendous sales potential of tablet commerce is also demonstrated by the number of shop visits that actually culminate in purchases. A potential customer visiting an online shop via a tablet PC is most likely to buy there. The rate of conversion – from shop visit to purchase – is far greater with tablet users than with classic desktop PC users. What’s more, tablet shoppers are also the better customers, retailers report, spending about 20 to 30 per cent more than other PC customers.

Background information   
This press release is based on an online survey conducted for novomind in autumn 2011, in which 1,002 respondents participated. The conclusions drawn are projections based on a representative sample of the population.

novomind AG
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