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04 Oct 2016

Intelligent help: novomind iQ becomes novomind iHELP

Efficient web self-service in online customer communication

“Make it simple.” - it is with this motto in mind that novomind develops intelligent software solutions for the online world. One important quality is the very high level of user-friendliness - the aim is always to develop software that is the easiest to use. In terms of self-service, online communication with customers focuses on provide quick and simple help. That is why novomind’s self-service software is being rebranded: novomind iQ is now novomind iHELP.

This new name novomind iHELP underlines the added value of the software solution and more closely reflects the subject of “web self-service”.  

Simple help - that’s what novomind iHELP stands for. Based on the central communication platform novomind iAGENT, the self-service software meets all of the requirements of modern, fully-automated online communication in a very user friendly manner. novomind iHELP provides the best possible customer satisfaction and reduces service costs by providing reliable 24/7 availability.

novomind iHELP is the intelligent technical means for efficiently supporting the Contact Center and works alongside more traditional channels such as telephone, email and live chat.