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13 Jan 2015

Globetrotter chooses novomind iPIM and becomes pilot customer for novomind iPRINT

Whether climbing equipment, canoes or compasses, Globetrotter has been specialising in outdoor equipment for more than 35 years and has developed into one of Europe’s biggest outdoor retailers. The Hamburg company has now chosen novomind iPIM and will also become a pilot customer for novomind iPRINT.

Whether mail order or in store – Globetrotter offers expert advice and high quality equipment for all your outdoor and travel needs. In its mail order division and nine stores, the company has 1,400 employees from more than 60 countries who are all passionate about travel and distant countries. The Hamburg specialists sell more than 35,000 items by more than 1,000 brands.
Globetrotter will initially introduce novomind iPIM as an e-commerce solution. Hereby the company wants to set itself apart from the competition by means of high quality product information, increase its conversion rate and reduce returns.

Furthermore, Globetrotter has also decided to use our novomind iPRINT innovation. At the start of October we had presented this iPIM add-on, which enables the easy use of QuarkXPress & Adobe InDesign for database publishing, in Berlin for the first time.

This media production technology is playing an increasingly significant role in the e-commerce world. Even solely e-commerce players are complementing their online product communication with print publications which are usually produced in the desktop publishing tools Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress of in-house designers or external agencies. All print publications require up-to-date, high quality product data and, in this respect, linking Product Information Management (PIM) with desktop publishing is an important criteria for the efficient planning and production of print advertising materials.

novomind iPRINT will cover all Globetrotter’s database publishing needs and the company is already planning to produce its traditional Globetrotter handbook with novomind iPRINT for which we will integrate the iPIM product data into the print process.