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14 Jul 2015

Full speed ahead! B.O.C. entrusts novomind iMAIL with customer communication

With 26 branches throughout Germany and an online shop, BIKE & OUTDOOR COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG (B.O.C.) is Germany’s biggest bicycle chain. The modern multichannel bicycle retailer was established in Hamburg in 1999 and offers an extensive range of bicycles as well as biking accessories and clothing. With the business success comes also an increase in challenges as the many varied customer queries on a wide product range also require a prompt response.

In novomind, the bicycle specialist has now chosen a strong partner for its customer communication. The Hamburg software experts offer novomind iMAIL for the fast and reliable response of customer queries.

novomind iMAIL analyses and categorises the various queries and automatically allocates them to a category. Queries are given suitable possible responses and texts and forwarded to the relevant employees. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in processing times and an increase in the quality of the response.

The integration of the new tool is fast and straightforward: novomind iMAIL live went live in only ten project days.