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19 Jan 2011

Full range: keeps its books and electronics image

Germans ignore the online marketplace’s other goods

80 per cent expect media products, while foods are barely known’s image remains stubborn can’t seem to escape its image as a book and electronics retailer. The online marketplace has long been stocking a full range of different types of goods, but despite this, 80 per cent of German e-shoppers think that it mainly sells media products such as books and CDs, while 67 per cent associate it with consumer electronics. Only one in ten know that the platform now has a broad range of food products on hand as well. Nevertheless, since 2009 has managed to position itself as a top buying address in certain product categories such as sports clothing and fashion footwear. These were the findings of the representative online survey entitled “marketplace ranges” conducted by Hamburg’s IT service provider novomind.

Big fluctuations in clothing    
Once a bookstore, always a bookstore. In order to escape this fate, has been steadily expanding its product range. But unlike the American home market, German shoppers are only gradually becoming aware of certain aspects of this transformation. Uncertainty is especially pronounced when it comes to clothing. Forty per cent of those asked expect to be able to buy fashion accessories at, while only 13 per cent expect to find business clothing on the platform.

Foods, pharmacy and health products live in the shadows   
Online users have particularly low expectations when it comes to food. Even though stocks around 35,000 food products on its shelves, this type of product remains at the bottom of people’s expectations, just as it did two years ago. Pharmacy and health products do not fare much better. Less than one in five people would think of ordering a toothbrush and similar on Amazon.
Background information    The representative online survey entitled “marketplace ranges” presents the results of an online survey on behalf of novomind AG. A total of 1,110 respondents were asked about what they bought and what they planned to buy on the Internet.

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