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12 Apr 2016

For a good purpose: novomind supports the international Diakonie Cafe in Hamburg

Although Christmas already occurred a while back, great actions will not be forgotten. novomind AG gave a contribution at Christmas of 15,000 euros to the “why not?” cafe - German language studies and counselling - in St. Pauli. The cafe assists immigrants in their integration.
The money will be used for humanitarian assistance, and will be used for several activities. A part of the contribution will be used in order to make rooms available in which people in need will find temporary refuge.

“Why not?” is pleased with the monetary contribution as well as the goods contributed which will make daily life easier. In addition to money, novomind also contributed IT components which the organisation no longer needed. Employees from novomind set up the hardware and installed the needed software. This contribution helps “Why not?” to use a modern, well-functioning network.

“We are very happy to use existing resources, such as available hardware from companies in order to support the work of Why not? And other organisations. Such resources are therefore recycled, and provide an enormous support to our work,” said Glen Ganz, director of Why not? Cafe - German language courses – counselling.

Contact to the institution was established by the Preuschhof Institute, with which novomind has worked for several years on various projects.