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16 Dec 2010

Father Christmas gives Facebook and e-mail the cold shoulder

Global mystery check: only one in three Santas reply

Nine out of ten e-mails are sent by auto-responders

Varying response quality
Only one in three Father Christmases reply to wish lists sent to them by e-mail or Facebook. And when an e-mail is actually answered, then it’s almost always an automated standard text. On Facebook, if you do receive an answer, then at least it’s usually an individualised, mostly detailed message. These were the findings of a global comparative mystery check by seven-year-old Luca-Marie and her big brother Lars from Hamburg on behalf of novomind.

Santa’s e-mail responses disappoint   
The result of e-mail requests turned out disappointing: in six out of seven cases, Father Christmas didn’t bother with a personal response and used an automated reply system instead. Only one Santa Claus paid personal attention to the children’s electronic mail ( One small consolation is that auto-responders send their e-mails immediately.

Facebook takes patience   
Even Santas active on Facebook respond seldom to requests and wish lists on their noticeboards. Furthermore, they require an average of 33 hours to gratify young message senders. Despite this, little Luca-Marie will probably be choosing Facebook Santas from now on, since some of them respond in detail to wish lists—unlike their e-mail colleagues—and a good number of them also respond to the question of whether Father Christmas sometimes makes mistakes and delivers presents to the wrong house. Around half of Santa Clauses deny ever having made a mistake.

Father Christmas is missing his target group
What Facebook Santas don’t seem to realise is that their biggest fans are not allowed to register on the social network site. Facebook does not allow registration for anybody below 13 years of age. Younger children can only reach Facebook with the aid of somebody older, like Luca-Marie with her big brother Lars. It looks like the white-beards still have a lot to learn before arriving fully in the new social media world.

Background information   
The results of this mystery check are based on a global e-mail response and Facebook analysis of Father Christmases performed in December by novomind AG. Representing all children, Luca-Marie (7 years old) from Hamburg sent her wish list to the electronic postboxes of Santa Clauses in a total of eight countries (Germany, the USA, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia). She wrote: “This year for Christmas I would like a new bicycle (preferably purple) and new football boots. Could you possibly tell me whether my wish will come true this year?” She was also curious about whether, since there are so many children, Father Christmas sometimes makes mistakes and delivers the wrong presents. She researched a total of 21 Santa Claus websites, writing to them by e-mail or online form. On Facebook, Luca-Marie’s brother Lars (13 years old) posted her questions on the noticeboards of 31 Father Christmas profiles.

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