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15 Jun 2016

Excellent customer service at DAK: live chat with novomind iCHAT

With six million insured, DAK-Gesundheit is one of the biggest statutory health insurance schemes in Germany. Good customer service is therefore especially important. Since 2012, DAK has been using - for digital dialogue - the live-chat software novomind iCHAT.

The health insurance company has now been distinguished by the magazine "Focus Money" for its "outstanding customer service". Of the 73 health insurance schemes tested in the current survey, DAK-Gesundheit achieved the second place, thanks to over 500 branches, the website, the round-the-clock hotline and the digital service with its adviser chat.

All in all, DAK-Gesundheit receives between 12,000 and 19,000 chat enquiries a month, which are answered by the 25 agents with the help of novomind iCHAT. As a special feature, in addition to the public-chat function which allows interested and insured persons to ask general questions, there is also a closed area for members, in which membership-related information can be provided.

The live-chat solution, novomind iCHAT, belongs to the central communication platform novomind iAGENT.