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05 Oct 2014

etailment Summit and Expo 2014 in Berlin: Hamburg-based IT service provider novomind presents novomind iPRINT – database publishing with QuarkXPress & Adobe InDesign as an add-on for novomind iPIM

At the etailment Summit and Expo in Berlin on 8 and 9 October, the convention of the interactive retail sector, Hamburg-based IT service provider novomind will for the first time present its add-on for the novomind iPIM solution.

The new novomind iPRINT enables database publishing using QuarkXPress & Adobe InDesign. Against the unique backdrop of the former Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, novomind will exhibit this and other new products in Hangar 6, booth F1.
Anachronistic as this may sound at first, database publishing is playing an increasingly important role in the e-commerce space. Even pure-play e-commerce players complement their online product communication with print publications, which are usually produced by in-house graphic designers or external agencies using desktop publishing (DTP) tools such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress.
Traditional multi-channel mail-order firms continue to produce and distribute catalogues, with new publication forms such as magalogs - a synthesis of catalogue and magazine - representing the latest trend.
Up-to-date, high-quality product data are needed for all print publications. Accordingly, linking product information management (PIM) with desktop publishing is a sensible, if not necessary, condition for the planning and production of print publications by retail companies and brand product manufacturers.   

The new novomind iPRINT (powered by Xactuell) allows any form of database publishing to be realised. Thanks to the deep integration with the novomind iPIM multi-channel PIM system, product data can be used for different applications at any time - from the simple template-based production of advertising materials to digital catalogue scribble processes to automated standard-based production processes for sales documents, data sheets, brochures or price lists.

“In the past, product data were simply exported to the print distribution channels. The launch of novomind iPRINT in conjunction with novomind iPIM will open up many new possibilities of promotional product communication including integrated workflows,” says Markus Rohmeyer, Head of PIM at novomind. novomind iPRINT is based on Xactuell, the established database publishing software of novomind partner CODEWARE GmbH from Stuttgart.

Besides novomind iPRINT, novomind will also inform visitors about the latest developments for novomind iSHOP, the innovative e-commerce solution which allows any company to implement its own online shop in the space of only two months. In his presentation entitled “Setup, build and run – implementing an online shop within two months”, Stefan Grieben, Chief Sales Officer of novomind, will speak about the latest developments on the “Practice & Solutions” stage on 9 October.