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21 Jun 2016

Entering international markets under a new name: novomind iPOEM becomes novomind iMARKET

Software experts from Hamburg accelerate the internationalisation of their enterprise solution for marketplace integration


Online marketplaces have become an established distribution channel for online commerce and are gaining importance as revenue drivers. On an international scale, they accelerate the market entry into new countries and facilitate the approach to new target groups. The successful integration of the goods in the respective marketplace is a precondition.

The software experts from Hamburg-based novomind are pioneers in this field: As early as in 2006, novomind launched novomind iPOEM, a standardised solution for marketplace integration. Today, numerous companies from a wide variety of different sectors rely on the novomind software, increasingly also internationally. Ten years after its launch, novomind has therefore updated the name of the successful enterprise solution - novomind iPOEM becomes novomind iMARKET.

“The new name underlines the added value of our enterprise solution, namely the development of new markets at a national and international level,” says Markus Rohmeyer, novomind business unit head in charge of product development for novomind iMARKET. “novomind iMARKET strategically takes the marketplace integration issue to a new level.” The new product name is much closer to the topic of “new markets and international marketplaces”. While the focus used to be placed on the integration in Germany and the DACH region, demand for integration in international marketplaces in Europe, China and the USA is growing rapidly. The novomind iMARKET platform meanwhile attracts orders worth over EUR 150 million per year. Sports brand PUMA relies on novomind iMARKET, as does Deichmann, Europe’s leading shoe retailer, or fashion brand Ulla Popken. The private label of Popken Fashion Group, for instance, is integrated into the US online market through US online marketplaces and

The new name “novomind iMARKET” illustrates the new international dimension of the enterprise solution; its existing quality and product properties were the precondition for this, which is why they remain largely unchanged and will be expanded and optimised continuously. novomind iMARKET offers fully automated and efficient integration into all relevant national and international marketplaces. The core of the system is a standard solution but it is performant and scalable, so that individual customer wishes can be implemented. Internal efforts are reduced to a minimum. The transparent system affords an overview of all process steps and the cockpit is easy to operate. A 24/7 monitoring function ensures smooth operation at all times.

The integration into different platforms using novomind iMARKET allows dealers and manufacturers to not only achieve a greater reach and higher revenues but also to develop new markets. The latest trend sees more and more German and European companies enter the Asian marketplaces – the current integration of the Chinese FengQu marketplace is a case in point. novomind is already building the first interfaces for German companies.