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15 Jun 2016

Electronic dialogue: in communication SPD opts for novomind iMAIL

The SPD is Germany's oldest political party. Efficient communication between the parties and their members, as well as with the population, is an indispensable component of political work and is, in the end, a central element in the functioning of our democracy. For the party’s electronic dialogue with the population and its members the SPD has now decided in favour of novomind iMAIL.

As intelligent response management, novomind iMAIL belongs to the central communication platform novomind iAGENT. Since the beginning of June, e-mails sent to the central incoming mail directory of the party executive have been processed with novomind iMAIL. The software solution analyzes and categorizes the various contents, sorting all enquiries according to topics, and distinguishing, for example, between family, foreign and health politics.

Then, the enquiries are forwarded to the responsible employees. Since the senders are citizens as well as internal party members – in the SPD the informal “Du” form of address (generally reserved for friends and family) is customary amongst the members - the form of address must be adapted to the respective contact situation, varying according to the sender and the dialogue situation.

The integration of the new software solution is fast and uncomplicated. Three months after the order is placed, novomind iMAIL can begin operations with up to 20 agents. The aim is to achieve fast and efficient response to electronic enquiries and thereby to ease everyday work, but also to ensure dialogue-oriented communication of the SPD with the population, its voters and party members.