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05 Oct 2018

Digital mall: Customized online shops for all ECE centers using novomind iSHOP

For over five decades, ECE has developed, planned, realized, let and managed city center malls, city points, neighborhood shopping centers and retail warehouse centers. Each of these properties is unique in that it has its own architecture and a customized sector and tenant mix and is smoothly integrated into its specific urban environment. The project managers from Hamburg employ 3,500 people in Germany and abroad and currently manage 200 shopping centers.

On the way to the digital mall, it is a core task to maintain this individuality of the ECE Centers online. Going forward, it will be reflected in the respective online shops of the Centers, as novomind iSHOP, which ECE has just introduced as its new shop system, allows all Center shops to be realized in the individualized Center design while ensuring simple and flexible shop management. Extensive customization options turn each Center shop into an extremely customer-friendly online service offering.

novomind iSHOP enables every ECE Center to map the complex individual inventory-price logic in every retail branch and Center combination. Connection to the corresponding product supply is seamless and can be managed flexibly at all times. The integrated novomind iPIM ensures efficient product information management.

Time control and A/B testing are possible at all content maintenance levels and configurations. Individualized control of inheritance hierarchies with regard to content and configuration is reliably guaranteed by the modeling of client structures.

The digital mall pilot project is currently running at the Alsterstal Shopping Center (AEZ) in Hamburg’s Poppenbüttel district.