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19 Jul 2017

Developer meets Agent

The feedback from our clients has a very important role at novomind. This is why the project „developer meets agent“ was initiated in 2011 to make novominds software even more practical and easier to use. The software developers from novomind  accompany agents from selected clients for a day to understand their everyday work with the novomind iAGENT software. The feedback and suggestion for optimization go into the product development of our customer service solution novomind iAGENT.

A current example was the visit of our novomind software developer at BD24 Berlin Direkt Insurance in March 2017. The BD24 is an international travel insurance company with registrations for Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Great Britain. The company situated in Berlin focuses on online insurances. BD24 offer travel insurance possibilities which can easily be booked online.

The software developer from novomind supervised agents in different departments and was able to overview the agents and supervisors on how they use the software and what they still remembered from their initial training with novomind. As a result they were able to identify improvements on operating the system and they were able to refresh the effective usage of the text blocks. The agents enjoy the direct contact with the developers and are happy to give feedback and make their every day work easier. In this example a lot of feedback was able to be incorporated in the product development back in Hamburg.