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12 Apr 2016

Deichmann uses novomind iMARKET for international marketplace connection

The Deichmann Group is Europe’s largest shoe retailer. Deichmann SE, based in Essen, operates in 24 countries in all, earning more than half its sales abroad. This means internationalization represents an important part of the company’s omnichannel strategy. The specialized shoe company is therefore taking another step, expanding its offerings with a new sales channel in the UK.

In addition to the U.S., Spain, Poland, Portugal and other countries, Deichmann also has a separate online shop in the UK. Thanks to novomind iMARKET, Deichmann is now connected to the marketplace. This makes the UK the second country where Deichmann sells its products via marketplaces, after Germany.

The novomind iMARKET software is optimum for efficiently connecting with marketplaces, ensuring smooth integration of products into all of the relevant national and international marketplaces. Featuring integration into various platforms, novomind iMARKET aims to offer retailers and manufacturers as broad a range as possible.

“By connecting to the eBay UK marketplace, Deichmann is expanding on its position as the European market leader in the shoe retail segment online as well. Still, the company will continue to operate as a family company and maintain its independence now and into the future,” says Thorsten Hennig, head of online marketing.