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02 Nov 2015

Completely redeveloped: the novomind iAGENT Supervisor

Practical orientation of the control surface of novomind iAGENT. With the new development of the supervisor novomind provides administrators and team leaders a state-of-the-art work surface available.

novomind has fully redeveloped the Supervisor of the multi-channel communication software novomind iAGENT. The control interface is now even more practice orientated and has, with this, been further adapted to suit the needs of customers who work with the novomind iAGENT daily.

Based on the latest technology, the web-based novomind Supervisor enables an integrated search across all channels and, in doing so, presents an intuitive and particularly user-friendly operating concept. What’s more, in the control area (“Analytics”) key figures are visually presented which offers a good overview of daily business enabling a quick and targeted response. Access to installed apps and their individual configuration is also easy. A further benefit regarding its use: the new novomind Supervisor is now fully responsive and can be used anytime and anywhere on various end devices.

With the redevelopment of the Supervisor, novomind offers administrators and team managers a state-of-the-art user interface which ideally supports the multi-channel agent interface of novomind iAGENT.
The novomind iAGENT Supervisor will be available as a Beta version from November. Customers then have the opportunity to actively participate in its further development and make the interface even more innovative with practice reports and suggestions for changes.