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15 May 2017

Chatbot technology from novomind: Nomi in Facebook-Messenger

Everyone is talking about chatbots – they can now also play an important role in e-commerce. As a contact channel that is available throughout the day, when properly used they are able to ensure greater efficiency and optimised processes in distribution. With Nomi, that has accompanied the company from the very beginning, novomind shows how this works.

Because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of the company’s foundation story and therefore also part of novomind’s DNA – novomind has been developing AI technology for online use for more than sixteen years. Whether as an avatar, an FAQ centre or simply as a chatbot. Messaging platforms are currently ensuring the breakthrough of AI technology. Chatbots are particularly effective when properly used in these areas.
They have already proved their greatest strength in customer service: chatbots from novomind are interoperable, can ask questions intelligently and therefore deal specifically with customer wishes. That ensures optimum customer loyalty since they can quickly find the right answers to customers’ enquiries. novomind has continually developed the technology further and has “trained” the bots.  The service bot has developed into a shopping bot. As a clever provider of answers and advice on suitable products in the online shop, via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, it is part of an ever more personalised customer experience. It increases traffic, ensures higher sales and satisfied customers.

novomind-Chatbot Nomi is in WhatsApp and now also ready in Facebook-Messenger: it answers questions in real-time dialogue and can “draw on” considerable experience– as one of the very earliest avatars, it has already been conducting intelligent dialogue in customer service since the beginning of the millennium.
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