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23 Feb 2010

CeBIT 2010: First e-shop software with “In-Memory Computing” turbo

novomind iSHOP: Product data stored centrally in the RAM

All clear for new e-shop generation

novomind iSHOP GmbH – a joint-venture between OTTO and novomind – has developed the first software to use so-called “In-Memory Computing” in the e-commerce sector. The novomind iSHOP e-shop solution stores all product data centrally in the RAM which, unlike current standard solutions, can reduce computing time to around one-hundredth of a second. Storage and computing power thus freed up can be used by e-shop operators for new shop functions. At the same time, this approach also saves operating costs. Where up to 30 servers are deployed today for major e-shops, now only a few are required. In February, the fourth OTTO shop to use novomind iSHOP technology went online in the form of

Online shops trailing new technology   
A prerequisite for “in-memory computing”, powerful 64-Bit technology is currently integrated in practically every home PC. The e-commerce sector is however trailing this technology. Hardly any major online retailer has overhauled its e-shops during the past ten years. Obsolete software is too slow and complex to be able to effectively utilise the fast computing output currently available. Item data is usually loaded each time in a time-consuming process from product data bases or the temporary storage. With the result that there is hardly any computing power left for new, dynamic shop functions.

More convenience for customers and more efficient e-shop operations for retailers   
In this respect, “in-memory computing” represents savings in time. The data is always available centrally in the fast RAM instead of on slow data bases. “This extra computing capacity has two-fold benefits”, explains Thomas Köhler, Managing Director at novomind iSHOP GmbH. “Online retailers fast-track their e-shops while offering their customers more service when shopping – for example, by means of a dynamic filter navigation (faceted search)”, claims Köhler. Central storage of all product data in the RAM also ensures that online retailers require fewer servers enabling high-traffic shops to save up to 60% of their annual operating costs.

novomind iSHOP GmbH   
To date, OTTO has put four of its e-shops online with novomind iSHOP. The OTTO Russia pilot project was followed by the Yourhome, Schlafwelt and special shops. This cooperation enables novomind and OTTO to bundle their know-how in the area of e-commerce while novomind iSHOP GmbH forms the common platform for the joint-venture.

novomind at the CeBIT 2010   
novomind will be presenting the concept behind novomind iSHOP at the CeBIT 2010 from 2 to 6 March – as an exhibitor on a stand shared with hamburg@work in Hall 6, Stand G08.