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06 Feb 2008

CallCenterWorld 2008: Customer service for free

Free novomind Self Service Suite Express available as of immediately

Software solution for electronic customer communication can be downloaded for free

Self Service Suite Express launched at CallCenterWorld on 19 February 2008  
Hamburg-based company novomind AG will be supplying its software package for successful customer communication free at CallCenterWorld 2008. The full version, which is based on the multiple-award-winning novomind Self Service Suite, enables users to process up to 10,000 e-mails per month. The free software also incorporates licences for website dialogues with a monthly volume of around 10,000 customer enquiries. Customer support can, if required, be done by virtual consultants and also using a component for live dialogue with customer service staff. The software package will be available for free downloading from the start of CallCenterWorld 2008. 
Customer support using live support, e-mail and virtual consultants from a single source  
The central communication solution novomind Self Service Suite Express works on the basis of the multiple-award-winning intelligent text analysis system. The e-mail component novomind iMail searches through incoming mails using the AIM (Artificial Intelligent Method), a combination of statistical and rule-based text analysis. This reliably determines what kind of enquiry the customer has, enabling it to be responded to automatically. This places the software’s performance far beyond that of conventional, purely statistical methods. Virtual consultants are also included in the dialogue with customers, for which the novomind IQ software component ensures a smooth procedure. The electronic assistants help to process customer queries online, ensuring that content is identified quickly and efficiently. Communication with real-life service staff is performed using the live-support component novomind TrueTALK. 
Real-time monitoring ensures efficiency  
Real-time monitoring also enables users to check how efficiently incoming enquiries are being processed. E-mail enquiries can be accessed and processed at any time using a technically advanced, clearly laid-out website – the novomind iMail WebClient. This ensures that users retain a clear view of customers’ various issues. 
Background information  
The novomind Self Service Suite Express will be available for free downloading at from 19 February 2008 onwards, which is the start of CallCenterWorld 2008, the 10th international congress for Call Centre Management in Berlin. 
novomind at CallCenterWorld 2008  
novomind AG will be present at CallCenterWorld at the Estrel Convention Centre Berlin, in Hall 5, Booth A2, from 19 to 21 February 2008. There the Hamburg-based software company will be presenting its innovative solutions for digital customer communication. 
novomind AG: innovative software for professional customer communications  
Hamburg-based software company novomind is the fastest-growing company in the fields of electronic customer communication and mail management. As a leading provider of innovative solutions for digital customer communication, novomind AG offers software for service-based, personalised interaction with customers. This achieves noticeable increases in the efficiency of customer administration, as well as a fast return on investment. The service portfolio of the Products Business Unit includes the novomind Self Service Suite. This software package contains all of the communication modules required for a customer service centre, which revolve around a central knowledge base: e-mail management, virtual customer consulting and systems for interactive real-time communication. In its Services Business Unit, novomind AG implements complex eBusiness applications. More than 40 big-name companies have already opted for novomind technology, including Citibank, Otto and the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German Pensions Association). Club Bertelsmann, EnBW and Mexx, as well as public sector institutions such as the German Bundestag and the Federal Ministry of Economics, are already using novomind systems successfully to back up their customer communication, increase their turnover and improve their public relations.