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18 Sep 2013

Business Intelligence (BI) with in-memory computing approach from novomind iSHOP

The new Q4 release will let novomind iSHOP display its advantages in full thanks to the integrated in-memory computing object store. Data that was collected in the company can be imported into the object store and evaluated and used with the on-line shop data in the novomind iSHOP business rules. Accordingly, it is possible to offer certain promotions for certain click behaviour for individual client groups, or to change the sort sequences of products based on the user and behaviour. All BI evaluations are made highly efficiently in real time.

Thomas Köhler, CTO of novomind, said: 'We can display our technological advantages in full and do not have to integrate and synchronise external BI systems in a complicated way. Rather, we use the integrated in-memory object store for our real time evaluations'. For the shop manager, the configuration of the business rules takes place as usual in the central novomind iSHOP back office.

Furthermore, novomind iSHOP users will be awaiting a self-optimising AB testing feature in the new release. It now determines the winner of a test in a full automatic way and then sets the most effective banner, the most effective page structure or the sorting of products over the long term. Manual intervention is no longer necessary.

The Q4 release also offers an integrated recommendation engine out-of-the-box. External systems are no longer required for this. Thomas Köhler said: 'After the novomind iSHOP search feature, we have now incorporated another important e-commerce module into the core technology. This makes it easier for our users to manage the shop system, and we will be even more efficient in the implementation of new e-shop projects'.                             

The new novomind iSHOP release will be available to iSHOP users on 26 September 2013 in the SaaS model.