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26 Feb 2019

Berlin, Paris, Birmingham: novomind on tour in Europe

Starting point CCW 2019: WhatsApp Business API and novomind iAGENT Call in the focus of trade fair visitors

As always, Call Center World (CCW) in Berlin marked the first highlight in novomind’s events calendar for 2019. The focus of novomind’s exhibit at the international conference and trade show for innovative customer dialogue (19 to 21 February) was placed on channel diversity. novomind iAGENT is establishing itself as the ideal cross-sector omni-channel solution and already covers all channels today’s call center customers could wish for.

Two new channels took center stage this time: as an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, novomind integrates the official WhatsApp Business interface (API) into enterprises’ customer service offerings. Going forward, the effective use of AI will probably also allow this to be done by way of chatbot automation.
In response to the increasing digitization of telephony, novomind iAGENT Call was premiered at this year’s CCW. The module integrates the digital voice channel into novomind iAGENT and rounds off the range of solutions provided by the web-based communication platform – a logical step in the all-IP age. novomind iAGENT Call integrates itself into the user interface via a “softphone” and allows the telephone to be controlled in parallel to the recording of e.g. telephone tickets.

New partners, new trade fairs
An IP telephone from Sindelfingen-based Innovaphone AG was also on display at novomind's CCW booth this year. novomind and Innovaphone have teamed up to offer efficient solutions for the targeted use of calls in existing infrastructures or when setting up a new system including a new telephone system.

From Berlin to Paris: at the IT Partners trade fair (13/14 March) in the French capital, novomind and Innovaphone will present their solution to an international audience.

Speaking of international: as part of its ongoing internationalization, novomind will participate more frequently in international trade shows and exhibitions, not only in the customer service segment.
Next stop Birmingham: novomind iSHOP will present itself at the IRX Internet Retailing Expo in Birmingham (GB) on 3/4 April.