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29 Nov 2017

AXA uses automated customer service via Facebook Messenger in novomind iAGENT

Colleague chatbot: AXA launches pilot project for automated customer service via Facebook Messenger in novomind iAGENT

Everyone is talking about chatbots – and now the customer service department of AXA insurance is using it too. In September, after a two-month implementation phase, AXA launched its chatbot pilot project on the Facebook Messenger channel. The task: to be an expert bot and answer questions on supplementary dental insurance – as the first point of contact, available around the clock (24/7). Specifically, the bot initiates the consultation dialogue in a playful way and ultimately leads the user to the insurance company's online price calculator. There, the AXA chatbot guides the user through the price calculation process and prepares the conclusion of a policy, including contact data input via landing page – all fully automated. Customers who would like to speak to a real agent, however, can do so at any time. They can choose this option when the dialog begins and any time during the Messenger chat, as long as this takes place during regular service hours.

With premium income totalling 10.7 billion euros (2016) and 9,217 employees, AXA is among the largest primary insurers in Germany. All of its activities on social networks are carefully prepared and intelligently managed. The pilot chatbot is targeted towards the communication habits of a younger audience, whose use of messenger platforms is on the rise. In the past six months, AXA itself recorded a 550 per cent increase in messenger queries – the touchpoints on these channels are becoming increasingly important.

With the new chatbot, AXA is giving this development a real chance – thanks to novomind iAGENT, the channel is optimally embedded in an omnichannel strategy and can be managed centrally via the platform. And the expansion stages are versatile: in the future, the bot can also be used in other product areas and simplify service processes as well as shorten purchasing processes and after-sales support. Document exchange and the integration of payment functions are also conceivable.