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20 Nov 2014

Audio and video chat without download

novomind iAGENT 8.5 offers new possibilities of live online advice. One click for an immediate start of the audio or video chat - novomind uses the new WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) standard for the further development of its software for contact and service centres. This opens up whole new dimensions for live online advice.


Text chats are a regular feature on many corporate websites these days. The latest release of novomind iAGENT 8.5 from Hamburg-based IT service provider novomind offers entirely new ways of contacting companies quickly and easily by way of an audio or video chat.

Customers using the Internet have become ever more experienced, informed and demanding. And they increasingly want a direct contact - personally and immediately without having to download additional software. For this purpose, novomind iAGENT 8.5 integrates the new WebRTC standard, which allows customers to enter into an immediate dialogue with the company via an audio or video chat – at a single click. For industry experts, this is the next big step towards the customised online shop.

“We want to pool all customer communication channels in a single user interface,” says Sylvia Feja, Head of E-Communication at novomind. “Audio and video chats are now integral elements of our comprehensive novomind iAGENT 8.5 software solution. We are convinced that both channels will cause a major transformation in the online world very soon, as more and more customers call for personal contacts, both in online shops and contact centres.” According to Feja, this is not least proven by the growing use of the callback button.

Customers will have different possibilities in future; the video chat can serve as a form of direct contact without the need to visit a shop or store, while the audio chat may proactively be shown to customers during the ordering process (push to talk), thus increasing the conversion rate.

novomind iAGENT 8.5 is the latest version of the web-based novomind iAGENT communications solution. It integrates all channels – such as e-mail, fax, letter, chat, phone or social media – in a single user interface. This gives service centres a central system for cross-channel, solution-driven customer service including a 360-degree customer view. novomind iAGENT includes novomind iCLAIM, a complaints handling software for effective, transparent and flexible complaints management. The module can be used to support agents in call centres or employees in legal departments by simplifying and improving the processes involved in complaints handling. In addition to the unified communication component, novomind iCLAIM offers flexible interfaces to other systems in a company’s IT infrastructure, thereby speeding up research by complaints handlers - long response times are now a thing of the past.