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15 Jun 2016

Atelier Goldner Schnitt now also opts for novomind iPIM

The mail-order company for women's fashions, Atelier Goldner Schnitt (AtelierGS), is considered amongst Germany's most traditional suppliers of textiles and has, in its online shop, one of the largest selections of high-grade fashion for every occasion. The company, which was founded in 1926 and has its registered offices in Münchberg, is represented by its subsidiaries in eight further European countries and has some 750 employees throughout Europe.

For the Upper-Framconian specialist consignor's online shop, novomind iSHOP has already been in use since 2013 and has proven its value for the entire requirement profiles. This was also a reason for the choice of novomind iPIM, when it came to replacing the existing PIM system. "Apart from the previously successful use of novomind iSHOP, the flexibility and simple handling of all functions of novomind iPIM in particular convinced us to opt again, here, for novomind," said Marco Setale, Head of E-Commerce at AtelierGS. novomind iPIM optimizes the existing e-commerce processes on the basis of improved supply of the shop due to precise control of the product data. This comes from the ERP and is specifically integrated in the shop by the system.

The AtelierGS online shop is available in a total of nine different countries and in six languages. The texts are input to the system via novomind iPIM and, depending on the language, are automatically fed to the right national shops. novomind iPIM is workflow-controlled. This means that tasks can be distributed and the process is transparent and understandable for others. The use of novomind iPIM ensures greater efficiency by simplifying the processes.