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16 Jan 2017

Artificial intelligence on new platforms: Chatbot technology via messenger is establishing itself

Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of novomind’s founding story - novomind AI technology has been used in customer service for more than 16 years. Whether in the form of an avatar or a complex FAQ centre. Today, new platforms are also opening up new opportunities for chatbots.

Now messaging platforms are helping them to break through. Broader opportunities for use through platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp as well as the greater acceptance and elevated needs of customers have made sure of that. When correctly deployed, chatbots truly are very effective. Customer service lets them exploit their greatest strength, their ability to carry out a dialogue, developed using computer linguistic systems. This makes them useful and effective additions to customer service, enabling 24/7 customer service in real time.

The important thing now is to continuously develop this “new generation” of chatbots so that they come up to the expectations of a user base accustomed to the internet. This will allow them to function well in e-commerce and provide added value on messaging platforms in the arena of customer engagement. After all, we’ve had 15 years to learn every which way how to write short messages. As a result, a short message to your favourite online shop’s service bot inquiring about any attractive new products is quick to write, and for many customers provides a real alternative to running their own search.

novomind iHELP offers you numerous possibilities in the effective deployment of artificial intelligence. (Link to “Virtual advisors” and “FAQ software”). novomind’s AI technology is being used on multiple platforms by companies in various industries, e.g. in the FAQ centres of insurance companies, health schemes or financial institutes.And we’re constantly working to develop our technology further.

A new novomind chatbot is now ready for the in-demand WhatsApp platform: “Nomi“ can answer questions as a first point of contact for online customers. And Nomi’s got experience too - in the 2000s, she was one of the first avatars to engage in intelligent customer dialogue.

Visit us at our exhibition stand (hall 2, E13) at the CCW from 21-23 February 2017 in Berlin and we’ll show you how “Nomi” integrates into Facebook Messenger.

If you would like to test novomind’s AI technology, click here.