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14 Sep 2010

Application-zapping hinders contact centre customer service

Software diversity demotivates six out of ten agents

Workplace complexity is on the rise

Isolated applications make work in contact centres slower rather than faster
Sixty per cent of contact centre agents are hindered in their work by having to constantly switch between applications. Staff find their workflow is interrupted because they are continually forced to adapt to new user interfaces. As a result concentration levels suffer and agents feel demotivated. Companies risk more errors by their staff and are jeopardising their customers’ satisfaction. These findings are from a current trend survey of contact centre agents carried out on behalf of novomind AG.

Many channels tend to mean many applications
The trend towards multichannel management is at the heart of software diversity. Call centres have gradually expanded their software inventory so that they can advise customers through every kind of offline and online channel. The majority of contact centre agents now operate at least one additional communications channel alongside the telephone. They carry out written correspondence by letter, write e-mails, and chat with customers. Many workstations are set up in such a way that staff need to use a different piece of software for each channel. On top of that, agents must master a range of additional external applications, including accounting systems and payment tools used to activate refunds agreed over the telephone. These isolated applications are rarely replaced by one overall application.

One command centre for all channels   
However, this should soon be a thing of the past. Because two-thirds of contact centres differentiate themselves from their rivals through quality and not just price, companies are looking for new ways to assist customers faster and deliver consistently good answers, including better IT support. Six out of ten managers want to streamline their software inventory and invest in a merged contact centre and CRM solution. High priority for 44 per cent is additional integrated IT solutions for customer communication, enabling contact centre agents to operate all channels through one platform. The aim is to allow agents to control all relevant customer management applications through one interface.

Background information   
In June and July 2010, 156 contact centre agents underwent CAPI interviews conducted on behalf of novomind AG. The survey was about working at contact centres, for example: work environment, software support, and physical complaints that agents suffer from.

novomind at be.connected and contact center trends
From 23 to 24 September, novomind will be represented at be.connected with an exhibition booth (bc 28a).

From 29 to 30 September, novomind will exhibit at the contact center trends trade show (hall 1, booth B9).

novomind AG:
innovative solutions for modern e-business systems and professional customer communications    Since 1999, Hamburg company novomind has been developing innovative e-business solutions for the modern Internet world in four e-business disciplines: e-commerce (e-shops and zoom server), ePDM (electronic product management), e-marketplace (marketplace integration) and e-communication (solutions for contact and service centres).

novomind is a European technology leader in every service segment and covers the whole digital value-adding chain in retail and electronic customer communication.

The Hamburg-based software house is the fastest growing company in the fields of electronic customer communication and mail management (e-communications). With the two product lines novomind iAGENT and novomind Self Service Suite, businesses now have the opportunity to integrate all of their communication channels into one system.

novomind AG is currently assisting more than 80 companies including Targobank, Der Club Bertelsmann, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Ernsting’s family, EnBW, gebrüder götz, OTTO and QVC.