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18 Nov 2014

Annual conference of novomind AG: Best year in the company’s history with e-commerce and e-communication software

Over 190 employees help achieve double-digit revenue growth - “einfach.machen.”: novomind plans to develop the world’s most user-friendly software - Record attendance at annual novoinsight conference


High-calibre speakers, food for thought and practical recommendations: On the occasion of the 11th novoinsight annual conference held on 6 November in the historical CURIO House, novomind celebrated the most successful year in the history of the company. The customer event has become a real highlight for IT and software experts in Hamburg. The number of participants has increased continuously and reached over 300 this year. More than 20 new clients won in 2014 mark yet another record. And the company’s operational achievements are no less impressive, as reflected in a double-digit percentage increase in sales revenues in 2014. Since the company’s inception 15 years ago, the headcount has grown to over 190.

In his opening address, Peter Samuelsen, founder and CEO of novomind, explained how he arrived at the motto of this year’s event, “einfach.machen.” - which is a play on words in Germany meaning both “make things easy” and “simply do it”. “It is our vision to develop the world’s most user-friendly software,” Samuelsen said, “and to achieve this we rely on novomind’s key strength. Unlike software providers owned by financial investors, novomind has been owner-managed ever since its inception. “This is our DNA and we consider it a major competitive advantage,” Peter Samuelsen explained. All of novomind’s software incorporates the management team's many years of expertise and experience. The clients’ feedback is an integral element of each new solution.

Said Peter Samuelsen, who gained experience in the Silicon Valley this year: “Technologically speaking, Germany is on the same level as the USA. But the Americans are quicker in trying out things and there is a much greater readiness to accept failure.”

This is what “einfach.machen.” is based on - try things and learn from the mistakes you make. A quick website launch, for instance, leads to quick sales and allows the team to derive important learnings from live shop operation. It is worthwhile breaking new technological ground and trying things also in other areas. The motto “einfach.machen.” also stands for the novomind software, which is particularly easy to integrate with other software solutions. In his speech on the “open” issue, novomind Chief Technology Officer Thomas Köhler therefore also mentioned the benefits of the “open” and hence particularly user-friendly novomind solution. “We want to make it easy for our clients and partners to expand the services and possibilities of our highly developed products”, is how he summed it up.  
Tim Cole, another keynote speaker, also took a look at enterprises and the digital change. “The world wide web was only the beginning,” the Internet publisher, columnist and author said. In his speech, he succinctly described the development of the web and some of its disciplines (e.g. e-commerce / e-communication), took a humorous view at the stages since 1999 and provided an outlook on the next 15 years.

The other presentations addressed topics such as “the way from the green field to the online shop” (Christoph Roer & Thorsten Gralla from AGRAVISRaiffeisen AG), “Customer Journey in Practice“ (Robert Käfert from Mister Spex GmbH) as well as valuable tips about “complaints management” (Dirk Ploss, CMO4U Dirk Ploss). In his speech about the avatar “Clara”, Thomas Tantzen from OTTO GmbH & Co KG explained the advantages of pooling self-service solutions for customer service.

The speeches and presentations were divided into two tracks, namely an “E-Commerce & PIM Track” presented by Martin Groß-Albenhausen (Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel e.V.) and an “E-Communication Track” presented by Georg Mack from
On the day following the conference, a “meet the experts” event allowed the participants to take a closer look at practices, processes and technologies surrounding the novomind products novomind iAGENT, novomind iSHOP, novomind iPIM, novomind iPOEM and IBM WebSphere Commerce.