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12 Apr 2016

An ear for customers: fast, reliable customer service for Teufel

novomind iMAIL software solution professionalizes communications for hi-fi firm Teufel

Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of hi-fi, multi-room and home theater systems. Founded in Berlin in 1979, the company offers not only stereo, home theater and multi-room streaming solutions, but also PC systems and headphones.The Teufel team has been established as experts on subjects relating to all aspects of audio and loudspeaker systems for more than 30 years now. The company now has 180 employees at its site in the west of Berlin. The customer service team ensures fast, reliable advising for the growing ranks of Teufel fans.

From advising to technical information, questions on shipping, payment or the product, Teufel’s customer service team can be reached almost 24 hours a day. In step with the company’s steady growth and internationalization, the number of customer inquiries has risen as well. “Our customer communications rely primarily on the e-mail channel. We aim to respond to every single inquiry as soon as possible,” explains Bülent Hartung, head of customer service at Teufel. At 200,000 e-mails a year – the number received when the project started – that was a big challenge. It was no longer possible to handle this volume effectively with the existing technical situation, which involved manual processing via a free e-mail program.

The company wanted a new solution to optimize its processing flows. The goal was to achieve the greatest possible level of automation through content recognition in order to reduce processing times. Automatic distribution of inquiries to the agents, multilingual functionality and detailed reporting with relevant data from the e-mails and the ability to see the complete customer history were additional goals of the project.

The solution: novomind iMAIL optimizes customer communication

novomind iMAIL is an intelligent response management system and part of the novomind iAGENT central communication platform. It provides the service team with optimum support when processing all asynchronous customer inquiries, thereby helping to professionalize the work and make processes effective and efficient. This software solution uses computational linguistics and semantic methods to analyze and categorize customer requests in seconds, assigns them to a certain category or subject and then forwards them to the relevant employees with suitable response suggestions and boilerplate text blocks. In this way, technical support inquiries are separated from other subjects, and all e-mails can be answered even faster. Multilingual inquiries are also processed using this push method. As a result, the intelligent communication solution enables fast processing of several thousand e-mails each day.

The use of novomind iMAIL met all expectations right from the start. There are now 28 agents working with novomind iMAIL in parallel, benefiting from the user-friendly software. Thanks to the accurate sorting and automatically offered boilerplate text blocks, they can respond to inquiries of all kinds much faster than before – the backlog is shrinking. The faster processing has brought cost savings with high response quality.

Another goal was also reached: The detailed reporting function of novomind iMAIL supplies relevant data from the e-mails and offers a customer history view. This information helps further optimize the company’s products and service.