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02 Nov 2015 and FullBeauty: Ulla Popken uses novomind iPOEM for US American marketplace integration

The Popken Fashion Group incorporates the fashion company Ulla Popken GmbH, GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG and studio Untold GmbH. For the own brand Ulla Popken novomind will immediately take over the connection to the US online market.

The Popken Fashion Group incorporates the fashion companies Ulla Popken GmbH, GINA LAURA GmbH & Co. KG and Studio Untold GmbH with their own labels Ulla Popken, GINA LAURA, JP 1880 and STUDIO UNTOLD. As a multi-channel company, the group today distributes its fashion range worldwide – with more than 4,000 employees in more than 30 countries and 650 branches, in mail order and online retail as well as via select B2B partners.

For the company’s label Ulla Popken, novomind is now assuming the integration into the US American online market: with and, two significant US online marketplaces were integrated in late summer 2015 which now enables the distribution of the Ulla Popken fashion line via these channels. The integration occurred via the marketplace connector novomind iPOEM.
novomind takes over from the existing commerce hub connection and is, with this, the second middlewear after Channel Advisor which is now directly connected to FullBeauty. The integration process, which occurred in a close cooperation of all involved, lasted ten weeks and was controlled in weekly coordination calls.

Only four weeks after the integration of, was launched as the second US online marketplace for Ulla Popken. Here the integration time only lasted 14 days.

Besides the Popken Fashion Group, novomind iPOEM is used by many well known brands and retailers, including PUMA, s.Oliver, babywalz, MediaMarkt and Saturn, for the reliable handling of their strategic high traffic marketplace business.