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28 Aug 2014

After the website relaunch in Germany and Europe, novomind will soon also be developing new mobile sites including a hybrid app for the Media Markt and Saturn electronic goods stores

At Media-Saturn, multi-channel has long been standard and an elementary part of the company’s long term growth strategy.

For the relaunch of the and websites with new front ends at the end of 2013, a new CMS was also developed and integrated in the Websphere Commerce solution under the overall direction of novomind.

After the successful relaunch in Germany, it was time for the international rollout. For this, novomind also developed a new CMS the integration of which was conceived and implemented in close cooperation with Media Saturn on the basis of an interface which is unique on the market. In this way all the online country shops were able to go live on time at the requested 14 day intervals from February to end May 2014. Since then, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden Greece and Belgium have been offering their customers comfortable online shopping of an equally high standard.

And as if this wasn’t enough: the revamp of the online shops based on the IBM Websphere Commerce solution has also created the basis for starting a new chapter in “mobile shopping”. Together with Media-Saturn and the countries involved, novomind is working on the complete redesign of the mobile sites. The Turkish pilot project has already been successfully launched and soon German mobile shoppers will also be able to enjoy a whole new mobile online shopping experience. In the future, the “mobile version” will be available fully independently on the basis of its own platform.

The key features of the Media Markt and Saturn mobile sites include:

  • Full integration of the new CMS desktop
  • Full shop functionality including all types of payment methods and delivery options
  • Product search via Factfinder and faceted navigation
  • Market search as well as localisation for pick up
  • Integration of a hybrid app for use on all current mobile platforms