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14 Jul 2017

Workshop Customer Service Chat(bots), July 13th 2017

Workshop on chat(bots) in customer service at the Golf- und Landclub Gut Kaden in Alveslohe near Hamburg.


Virtual agents and avatars have already changed communication in customer service. Intelligent, dynamic and interactive Chatbots with the possibility to transfer the customer dialogue to a real agent will further influence customer service. Buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence (AI), self-learning bots, deep learning and Watson are ubiquitous - but what does this mean for my business? When is it worth to have a chatbot and when a chat? How do other companies address this issue? We would like to answer these questions as part of a workshop on the 13th of July 2017 together with you.

The Golf & Landclub Gut Kaden offers us the possibility to clarify the topic of chatbots and to match the precision of golfing. The evening before our workshop we cordially invite you to a joint dinner in the Gut Kaden Restaurant.

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