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30 Jan 2018

Virtual conference: software, services and tools for online shops 2018

Virtual conference about on the subject 'Tools for succesful online shops 2018'

Experienced speaker and decision makers of online shops, as well as ecommerce experts will participate in a virtual conference on the 30th of January 2018 on the subject about current trends and tools, which are important for online shop operators in 2018. iBusiness user can sign in for free and recieve important information for their online shop.

Stefan Grieben, COO of novomind, will attend this conference and speak about:

"Commerce 2018: Best of Breed or Complete Solution Out-of-the-Box - A Commercial and Technological Comparison"

What individual commerce strategy should online retailers choose? A specialized island solution or an integrated shop system? Technological criteria are equally important as well as the view on costs and efficiency. In comparison, it is important to weigh all relevant features directly on board or, if necessary, to buy them through third parties. The presentation helps with orientation and gives a practical view of a complete system in which e.g. CMS, A / B testing and a search feature are already integrated.


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