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15 Oct 2019

AI|Spektrum, October 15th 2019, Munic


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Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly changing customer service. Where a consultant used to take care of customer requests, an algorithm is deciding more and more frequently. High-quality products are no longer sufficient to differentiate oneself from the competition and to sustainably inspire and retain customers. Customer service plays a central role here - it should be at least as first-class as the products themselves.

The customer experience becomes more individual and achieves an unprecedented quality. Because this changes customer expectations and consequently also competition, companies should rather deal with the opportunities of AI today than tomorrow.

Solutions based on artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the world of customer interaction:

  • Which AI technologies are companies already using?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • Which implementation strategies can you adapt for your company?
  • How important is AI in customer service today and in the future?

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Franziska Dempt, responsible for sales and business development for novomind iAGENT customer service software, will demonstrate in her presentation how it works together in practice:

"You never work alone - Why AI and human agents can't do without each other".

Digital customer communication is a challenge for companies now and in the future. Therefore, it is only natural to put together a "dream team" to accomplish this task. AI accelerates standard processes, autonomously solves simple issues and works with automatic suggestions and system queries to the human colleague. Agents in turn coach the AI, make important corrections and can adapt flexibly to any request. Each one of them would be overwhelmed by the implementation of a smart digital customer communication. Together, however, AI and humans master each inquiry fast and efficiently, so that positive service experiences for customers and prospective customers are the result.

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