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novomind iAGENT audio and video chat

Plug-in free software for immediate real-time dialogue without download

Audio and video chat channels are developing rapidly and are increasingly popular. Questions in the web cannot be answered any quicker or more personally. This makes audio-visual real-time communication via video chat an important component of a comprehensive omni-channel strategy. The quicker the direct personal contact, the more satisfied the customer. A challenge for modern service and contact centres, but also a great opportunity for more customer loyalty and making additional sales.


Future technology Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC)

Questions in the web cannot be answered any quicker or more personally. An audio or video chat is created with the business partner with just one click. Questions can be asked in person and answered in real-time. It’s as easy as possible to use - for both sides.

Plugin-free WebRTC technology makes audio and video chat compatible with the mass market. Direct communication by speech, chat and video is now possible without any problems via novomind iAGENT. There is a wide range of possible scenarios ranging from personal (sales) advice through escalations (complaints management) up to training.

Audio and video chat

Overview of features

  • Simple and quick audio and video chats without download
    Cross-channel online advice without changing media beforehand. Start a personal audio call or video chat in real-time with just one mouse-click with WebRTCE.
  • Text chat as an integral component
    Parallel communication via text chat is possible. The agent can switch between the various chat functions (audio, video, text chat, co-browsing) - without any drop-off in application performance. Context-sensitive text modules, push-links and answer suggestions from the knowledge base are available for this, so several chats can be run at the same time. 
  • Cobrowsing
    A meaningful supplement to pure text chat. A common view of the customer’s website enables the provision of optimal support, for example, in the order process, when completing forms or when navigating the website.
  • Proactivity
    Focus on significant requests Proactively revealing the chats in the order path or after a stay set by you (push-to-talk).


  • Usability
    The web-based application novomind iAGENT is the most easy-to-operate software on the market. The user interface is optimally tailored to agents’ work and this requires very little training including for the audio/video chat channel.
  • Performance
    Software solutions from novomind are scalable and can also be operated by a very high number of users when using the appropriate platforms. With novomind iAGENT you’ll get multi-channel capable and high-performance customer communications software that suffers no performance drop-offs even under peak loads.
  • Multi-channel capability with dialogue transfer
    As a central communications solution, alongside the chat function novomind iAGENT has all the necessary communications modules – usable singly or in combination. Thus switching to other channels and transferring the dialogue to the other channel, such as Facebook or chatbots, is possible at any time.
  • Service quality – better and more personal
    The contact centre always had an “ear for the customer” – now it’s getting a face too. Video chat ensures a positive service experience through individual and personal advice. Anonymity when visiting websites will be eliminated, abort rates can be reduced.