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Utilise your entire company’s know-how

– with novomind iAGENT and Microsoft Teams

When customers contact Customer Service, they want reliable responses and correct information – not sometime, but ideally straight away. No matter what the customer's concern, the right information must be available at any time. Where necessary, department experts must be readily available. 

Customer Service meets Collaboration

For this very reason, we have coupled our novomind iAGENT Customer Service Software with Microsoft Teams. The aim is to promote employee collaboration within your company and to utilise the knowledge of your entire organisation for Customer Service. In this respect, we are combining our intelligent Contact Centre features, such as Skill-based Routing and Queue Management with various Collaboration features offered by Microsoft Teams. This makes it possible to incorporate experts, spread across the entire company, in Customer Service for product and service portfolios. Because Customer Service is not the only task that departments have to undertake. Effective networking promotes collaboration between different departments and prevents information silos.

How does Customer Service work today?

Via integration of Microsoft Teams in iAGENT Desk, the novomind iAGENT interface, it is easy for service technicians to find a suitable expert for every customer enquiry and to see the availability of their colleagues in real time. With one click on the contact in the address book, the Contact Centre can send queries, for example, or transfer calls to the back office. Employees in the back office can use Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool and softphone for incoming and outgoing calls. Via the retrieval of various data sources, agents can submit additional information to employees, which is relevant for processing requests. 

Interaction between Microsoft Teams and novomind iAGENT

An overview of the advantages

  • High Service Quality 
    Resolve complex customer enquiries faster with targeted integration of department experts across the company – regardless of where they are.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction 
    By integrating employees from the back office who directly respond to customer concerns and offer fast solutions, important KPIs can be improved, such as initial resolution rate (First Contact Resolution) and customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction Score).
  • Seamless Collaboration  
    With the iAGENT Desk, agents in the Contact Centre can quickly find or filter Microsoft Teams users in the list of experts and see information on their availability. With one click on the contact, calls can be initiated, for example, or end customers transferred.
  • Reduced Costs  
    You no longer need an expensive phone system with the use of the Microsoft Phone System and integration of back office employees in the public telephone network via the "Microsoft Teams Direct Routing" feature. Telephones on desks become obsolete as well, since the Teams Client can be used as a full-featured softphone.