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The novomind iSHOP OMS module is the fully fledged system for managing orders and shipments with out-of-the-box integration into novomind iSHOP.

novomind iSHOP OMS

For a smooth customer experience

Customers want to see their order and delivery information at a glance in the “My Account” area or easily change their address data. This is what the OMS is for, as it centrally stores all order, shipment and customer information. Since it is designed as a headless system, all data can be easily shared, enriched and updated with third-party systems such as an ERP or CRM system. Best of all, a modern web interface makes administration easy for administrators.


If a fully-developed ERP system is already in use, novomind iSHOP OMS works as a buffer between novomind iSHOP and the ERP to ensure real-time communication with the novomind iSHOP Storefront. For the B2B shop, novomind iSHOP OMS also stores organisational data. This allows roles and rights to be assigned to business customers, which can be evaluated in the shop.

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Ready to use in real time

With the novomind iSHOP OMS module, companies can always monitor, search and process their order, shipment and returns data in real time (e.g. for the My Account area), as well as maintain a constant overview thanks to the front end, which is the perfect complement to the module.

The plus with OMS

In addition to order data, other information, such as invoices, payment details, and refunds, can also be viewed. What’s more, the history always gives you an overview of who processed the order and how it was done.

Multi-client capability

The rights and roles concept allows access to be distributed to different clients in such a way that everyone only ever sees what they should see.

An international focus

The web interface is available in German or English, and other languages can be added easily. Translations can be changed via the administration area, so that they can be adapted in line with company terminology.

Special data storage for B2B

In addition to customer data, organisational units can also be searched for and edited. For companies’ B2B shops, B2B customers can be assigned roles and rights such as order limits, approval rights or restrictions on certain product ranges, which can then be evaluated in the shop.

Multi-channel capability

novomind iSHOP OMS is multi-channel capable, and brick-and-mortar stores can also be mapped. As a result, use cases such as Click & Collect, Click & Reserve or Ship from Store can be mapped directly and easily. And thanks to the extensive APIs, orders can be forwarded directly to the point-of-sale (POS), whether to the POS system or a branch app.

novomind iSHOP

Looking for an outstanding customer experience?

novomind iSHOP is the flexible, growing enterprise solution for simple, effective shop management from order volumes of a few hundred orders per day — both B2C and B2B. Thanks to the scalable architecture and high-performance SaaS operation in a private or hybrid cloud, even very large transaction volumes of over tens of thousands of orders per day are not a problem.

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