Database publishing for print catalogues, flyers and more

novomind iPIM product data can be used at any time to efficiently create catalogues, magazines, brochures, flyers, inserts or product sheets. Thanks to novomind iPIM Print, your earning power will match your aesthetics. Because if you have high-quality product data, you can use it specifically to create printed advertising material in line with your omnichannel commerce approach.

Producing print media doesn’t have to be difficult

novomind iPIM Print

Less pressure on print

A catalogue with a chic design still triggers customers’ impulses to buy, even in today’s day and age, and printed products are still of great importance in certain industries. Unfortunately, more time is usually invested in design and customer approach than in product data organisation. Production costs and times are quickly lost sight of.


Thanks to novomind iPIM Print, the centralised provision of product data saves on production time and costs and ensures that printed publications are kept systematically up to date.

novomind iPIM Print can work on the web: DTP documents are available via the interface to all persons involved in publication production, both as graphics and as a flip catalogue.

Our solution for your business

novomind iPIM Print really works

novomind iPIM ensures that data refinement is controlled and monitored in workflows, and novomind iPIM Print is a continuation of the concept: changes to graphics and text are ordered via correction workflows, individual pages are approved after correction and production is thus controlled and monitored. The comprehensive digitalisation of the print process results in shorter production times, lower production costs and a reduced error rate.

  • And don’t forget quality control for printed products, because cycles of corrections are tedious and printed errors are annoying, not to mention expensive. Of course, having a good overview of production status also makes work easier for your team.
  • And best of all: we are there for you around the clock. Whether it’s a small or large print project with a few or a lot of documents – with novomind IPIM Print, you can respond in line with specific circumstances, regardless of your team’s strength and numbers – making catalogue production even more profitable.

novomind iPIM Print

GRUBE relies on novomind iPIM for e-commerce and efficient data publishing​

novomind iPIM Print enables GRUBE, the specialist retailer for forestry and hunting equipment, to easily create their catalogues.

Our features & benefits

novomind iPIM Print ensures a permanently consistent, correct and high-quality product presentation for recurring publications:

Rule-based layout automation

Adobe InDesign allows defined sample templates to be linked to a product and inserted into the layout one page at a time until all the desired items have been placed. This is followed by the "fine layout".

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Capturing multimedia product information. Assets are stored using the image and zoom server of novomind iPIM View or existing DAM systems.

Multiple languages

All textual components of the present catalogue document can be translated into another language at the touch of a button.

Live data updates

Data can be centrally managed and updated until shortly before data delivery with iPIM Print.

Efficient printed media production

novomind iPIM Print reduces production costs and improves workflow.

Digital correction workflows

Cycles of corrections are reduced thanks to online correction.

More novomind iPIM modules

novomind iPIM Supply

Easy onboarding of supplier product data

novomind iPIM Buy

Quick and accurate product data search and download

novomind iPIM Analytics

Operational reporting and analysis of product data quality

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