Success with perfect product data

Quick product range updates, an array of sales channels, international business – good Product Information Management (PIM) must suit the company as well as their customers’ needs. High-quality, flexible and customer-related product information therefore plays a key role in establishing successful online and offline sales channels for companies – B2C as well as B2B.
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Positive Customer Experience

The decisive driver of competitive advantages

Nowadays, end customers can compare products and companies across the globe within seconds and the demands on product data have increased all the more going beyond mere description and illustration. They must be presented optimally in order to give customers an incentive to buy and in order to fully exploit the decisive competitive edge of e-commerce providers: positive product experiences for the end customer.


A PIM system is a central base for all product information. Not only does this save on costs in IT infrastructure, but above all, it has a positive impact on revenue across digital commerce channels. Comprehensive product data is the key factor in creating a successful customer journey across multiple channels, whilst incomplete data leads to higher return rates.

How all brands in your company benefit

Using the right PIM software can also play a decisive role in supporting companies’ primary marketing goals: a faster time-to-market, consistent customer approach and target audience-specific communication let all your company’s brands shine.

The effort involved is often underestimated

  • 39% of the companies asked think that the effort required to prepare product data is higher than expected. (Source: Survey of retailers in Germany conducted by Statista in September 2020)
  • Poor product data is responsible for over 40% of abandoned transactions. (Source: novomind AG customer survey in B2C e-commerce)

The solution

The novomind iPIM system for complex scenarios

novomind iPIM is a comprehensive, modular commerce PIM system for digital product experience management (PXM) and product-related master data management (MDM). Thanks to its scalability, it is suitable for growth-oriented industrial and retail companies and enterprises stocking items in the millions. This makes it possible to map PIM and product-related MDM processes in terms of purchasing and sales for brand manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.


novomind iPIM adapts to the success of your company and helps product data managers go about their day-to-day work thanks to a unique user experience. In addition to extensive functions for workflow-based, manual and automatic enrichment with attributes, images, videos and texts, novomind iPIM offers AI-based bots so content such as marketing texts can be produced automatically.

Holistic thinking

The complete PIM system

Whether in the service or retail sector, novomind iPIM makes it possible for all product data flows to be fully mapped across all sectors, from onboarding and data refinement to B2C and B2B distribution, and this process can also be automated. Even print publications such as catalogues can be automatically integrated.

Our features & benefits

AI smart mapping

Mapping marketing-specific values to standardised values, e.g. the colour value "blackberry" to search colour value "purple". Once set, data is mapped automatically.

Workflow management

Workflows which can be individually configured form the basis of efficient, quality-assured product data in novomind iPIM.

Going international

Country-specific product data opens up new international markets.


Products can be assigned to classifications within a hierarchy which can be entirely freely defined. From cars to fashion items and through to medical products - product groups from all sectors can be mapped out-of-the-box.


By way of contextual levels, product data and the data of personas, company target audiences or internal organisational structures, such as retail and specialist trade (B2B and B2C), can be maintained for specific customer segments and exported in a personalised manner.

Multi-client capability

Does your company include an array of different brands? All shops have access to the central novomind iPIM data structure to map complex corporate structures.

novomind iPIM in use

novomind iPIM is just the beginning

With the right modules, your company will be even more successful, from dealings with suppliers through to end customers.

novomind iPIM Supply

Easy onboarding of supplier product data

novomind iPIM Buy

Quick and accurate product data search and download

novomind iPIM Print

Efficient database publishing for advertising material and publications

novomind iPIM Analytics

Operational reporting and analysis of product data quality

Additional novomind digital commerce components

Now you can optimally support your customer’s journey with our unique digital commerce portfolio from a single source. End-to-end, from awareness to after-sales customer service.

Let’s get in touch

Do you have some questions? Or are you interested in our company and services? The novomind team is always on hand to help – via the channel of your choice.
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