Marketplace trading as a reach booster

Visibility is the key to success. These days, if you’re on marketplaces as a brand or trader, you gain reach and, in turn, turnover. Getting into strategic marketplace trading has an array of advantages, but also poses new challenges for those involved. It needs intelligent software.

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It all comes down to data

The challenges involved marketplace trading

High-quality data are the ticket to successful marketplace trading. Only if the data provided meet marketplace requirements can products be successfully listed. Even for successful brands and retailers, this is often a major hurdle.


It’s best if every process is highly automated in order to meet the marketplaces’ promise of quality, and it’s imperative to abide by delivery time frames and keep cancellation rates low. What’s more, brands and traders need to have regular access to IT resources in order to implement any interface changes to the marketplace on time.

The solution

novomind iMARKET for the maximum global reach

Our marketplace software novomind iMARKET makes integrating your product range into all relevant national and international online marketplaces automatic and guarantees maximum reach and transparency. Connection through simple API interfaces or individual integration into the e-commerce architecture of brands and retailers is worthwhile for every company, all over the world.


One particular strength of novomind iMARKET is efficient product data listing, of product data from novomind iPIM, for example, as well as automated order and inventory management.


We offer hassle-free software-as-a-service operation in the novomind cloud, as well as individual solutions that adapt to even the most complex company processes. Our perspective is global: all relevant platforms are already available on the European market, and there are also platforms in Turkey, China, India and the USA.

Our features & benefits

Product data management

Automated listing of marketplace products from your range by mapping the product data model to marketplace requirements.

Order management

Automated processing of marketplace orders and other messages from the ordering process, including automated address correction.

Inventory and product range management

Automated, real-time processing and provision of online stock and rule-based control of the product range (rules engine).


Comprehensive, transparent controlling functions for products, orders and turnover in the user-friendly novomind iMARKET cockpit.

Individual integration

Modern SaaS solution with dedicated customer instance ensures integration into all company backends (ERP/OMS, shop, PIM, etc.).

Open architecture

Easy expandability and integration of and in novomind iMARKET up to the potential headless use of the system through complete, open APIs.

Additional novomind digital commerce components

Now you can optimally support your customer’s journey with our unique digital commerce portfolio from a single source. End-to-end, from awareness to after-sales customer service.

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