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Companies and customers are increasingly using messenger services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Google Business Messages, to get in touch. In order for large companies to keep everything in check, a flexible, efficient business interface is essential for communication that complies with data protection regulations – in customer service and digital commerce.

The messenger interface in customer service

The opportunities presented by messenger communication

Just like with friends or family – that’s how customers want to communicate with companies nowadays. The best way is via their favourite messenger service, which they have on their smartphone anyway. As the world’s most popular messenger application, WhatsApp makes discussions fast and efficient, with extremely short response times.


Whether it’s a matter of complaints, delivery information, booking requests or even an electricity meter reading: where the only option used to be a return or phone call, today a photo of the product sent via WhatsApp is enough to settle a case. The result: significantly less effort for the customer and thus an improved customer experience.

novomind messaging API

The interface for every customer service software

The cloud-based messaging API from novomind messaging GmbH provides a fast, simple and reliable business interface on a global platform. Whether WhatsApp, Google Business Messages or Facebook Messenger – they can all be easily integrated into your enterprise’s system landscape. WhatsApp Business can be used by businesses of all sizes that want to have conversations with their customers and provide useful information quickly and easily.

Good to know

Officially certified and GDPR-compliant, we combine Messenger with artificial intelligence. Our chatbots, for instance, accept enquiries, pre-filter them and only then pass on the relevant information to the responsible agent.
360-degree customer service

Would you like a little more?

We also offer an all-in-one solution for even better customer service. With novomind iAGENT, we provide intelligent contact centre software for optimum omnichannel management and take your company’s customer experience to a new level.

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What do our customers say?

“The WhatsApp Business API helps us be where our customers are. The technology is intuitive and modern, and it significantly reduces processing times for our account managers.”

Thomas Steck​

Vice President Customer Centricity and Service Management, OTTO

Our features & benefits

Save on time and costs

Fast, simple and reliable - our business interface for the world's most successful messaging services can be quickly and easily integrated into the customer service system - saving time and money.

Easy to integrate

Our API solution can be integrated into virtually any popular customer service software, making it an asset to any enterprise.

On hold no longer

Instead of calling, customers can also conveniently send messages while on the go and no longer have to wait in line on hold.


Pictures, videos, audio recordings or documents - everything can be sent and received via messenger services. This means that customer queries can be solved more quickly and interactively.

Officially verified

In addition to the business solution for WhatsApp as an official Business API partner, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Business Messages, live chat and Instagram are also available.


Thanks to our German cloud, we guarantee maximum security and GDPR-compliant communication.

Find the right spare part for your agricultural equipment via WhatsApp

The FRICKE Group’s customer service centre optimises availability thanks to novomind iAGENT Mail and the WhatsApp Business API: 100,000 emails sent in different languages are answered every month, and customers can get in touch via WhatsApp.
“Our customers immediately embraced WhatsApp with open arms as a channel which makes communicating with us easy.”
Silvan Schenk, Head of the Customer Service Centre, Wilhelm FRICKE SE
FRICKE Case Study

novomind Connected iProducts

More than the sum of its parts. Each of our novomind software products supports best-in-class digital commerce and customer service, but the interaction between several novomind Connected iProducts creates valuable additional benefits. For more efficiency, a faster time to market, higher conversion rate and flawless customer experience.

novomind iPIM

The comprehensive (and modular) PIM system for digital product experience management (PXM) and product-related master data management (MDM).

novomind iSHOP

The innovative, modular real-time shop system for growth-oriented B2C and B2B omnichannel commerce.

novomind iMARKET

The highly-automated, modular marketplace middleware for strategic marketplace trading.

novomind iAGENT

The intelligent contact centre software for optimal omnichannel management – from chatbots to email management, video chat and social media communication.

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