Face-to-face contact builds trust

Rapid yet personal: digital face-to-face communication is a key component of any comprehensive omnichannel strategy – and strengthens your company’s customer relations.

Real-time customer communication

From verification to damage reports

Video chats come with distinct advantages: contact is established with a single click and questions can be answered in real time, by a real person. End customers and agents can talk over sensitive matters in a safe video chat environment.


Video chat thus provides a positive service experience. With the right software, this is extremely simple and it removes anonymity between the parties involved. The result: customer experience reaches a new level, abandonment rates drop.

Selecting the most important video chat services

  • Age verification and identity checks
  • Video training and product presentations
  • Complaint management
  • IT fault analysis and hardware support
  • Reporting damage covered by insurance
  • Preliminary dermatological examinations

novomind iAGENT Videochat

Highly usable for real-time dialogue

We rely on plugin-free WebRTC technology and make calls and video chats compatible for the mass market. novomind iAGENT is the easiest software to use on the market and makes direct communication possible via voice, chat and video. And the user interface? It is optimally adapted to the work agents have to carry out. Elaborate training courses? A thing of the past.


And the best bit for your business: with us, everything comes from a single source. As a centralised communication solution, novomind iAGENT contains all the necessary communication modules, in addition to a chat functionality – which can be used individually or in combination. This makes it possible for further channels to be added at any time.

Video identity checks

Video chat in the contact centre

Whilst it used to be compulsory to go to the post office – and at times that were inconvenient for end customers – verification can now be carried out digitally, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Our features & benefits

Simple and fast, no download needed

Cross-channel online consultations without needing to switch media: with WebRTC, agents can start their personal call or video chat in real time, at the click of a mouse.

Textual chat as an integral component

Agents can switch between the different chat functions without any loss of performance. Boilerplate text and suggested replies help them to give quick, high-quality responses to any queries.


Having a shared view of the end customer's website makes it possible for the best support to be provided, e.g. in the ordering process, when filling out forms or when browsing the website.


Help where help is needed. Proactive chat pop-ups when an order is being placed or after a certain time on the website, as defined by you, helps to provide targeted support.

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novomind iAGENT modules for omnichannel customer service

novomind iAGENT


Optimal processes at the contact service centre

novomind iAGENT


The intelligent solution for the voice service channel

novomind iAGENT


The fastest way to help customers

novomind iAGENT


The fully-automated 24/7 answering service

novomind iAGENT


Seize opportunities and turn critics into fans

novomind iAGENT


For transparency and consistent quality

novomind iAGENT


A very personal approach to customer communication

novomind iAGENT

MS Teams

Direct access to valuable team knowledge

novomind iAGENT


Show your face – create trust

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