Email management for your contact centre

Emails, emails, emails: besides telephone calls, most customer service enquiries come in via email. That makes the channel’s potential correspondingly large – provided the contact centre handles customer cases efficiently. How? With the right software. Discover novomind iAGENT Mail.
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Efficiency class A, here we come!

Same, same but different

The challenges posed by email management

Many companies still have their customer service on different systems. This makes gaining an overview of open enquiries more difficult and one and the same customer case becomes several. Efficiency looks different.

Transparency and consistent quality in customer service

So, what can help?

One platform that pools all channels of communication and is thus able to display all queries a customer has made across all channels as part of one customer journey. Predefined suggested replies for each identified query and boilerplate text ensure even more efficiency: agents can give consistent responses to the same questions – and keep them high in quality.

This is exactly where novomind iAGENT Mail comes in:

All incoming queries are analysed, categorised and sent to a team of agents who have the necessary skills – and in multiple languages to boot.

The benefit:

Agent productivity significantly increases due to shorter processing times. Customers also receive reliable answers, and more quickly. If a customer still has more questions they want answering, then preference will given to directing them to the agent they last spoke to. This conveys a personal service.

24/7 support and more than 150,000 email enquiries per month

A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS is currently the largest independent hostel provider in Europe. With novomind iAGENT, continuous 24/7 support is guaranteed for handling more than 150,000 e-mail enquiries per month.  
“It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Our service level increases in parallel with the number of guests and their loyalty to A&O.”

 Oliver Winter, General Manager, A&O

A&O Case Study

Our features & benefits

The same question gets the same answer

Gone are the days when end customers received different answers to the same question. Processes are now standardised.

A cross-channel customer journey

No matter which channel end customers choose: their queries all seamlessly land on one platform. Now there’ll never be an agent without a full overview.

AI helps to identify queries

To take some of the workload off agents’ shoulders, our AI filters the customer's query using semantic processes. It then dictates how the query should be managed with in the system.

Multi-client capability

novomind iAGENT Mail is multi-client capable and therefore particularly suitable for use in modern multichannel contact centres.

Open interfaces

Thanks to the extensible architecture and public APIs, novomind iAGENT is open to be integrated and connected with third-party systems.

An omnichannel service

novomind iAGENT Mail is part of the collective agent interface and can be expanded to include additional channels, such as chat, video chat or call, at any time.

novomind iAGENT modules for omnichannel customer service

novomind iAGENT


Optimal processes at the contact service centre

novomind iAGENT


The intelligent solution for the voice service channel

novomind iAGENT


The fastest way to help customers

novomind iAGENT


The fully-automated 24/7 answering service

novomind iAGENT


Seize opportunities and turn critics into fans

novomind iAGENT


For transparency and consistent quality

novomind iAGENT


A very personal approach to customer communication

novomind iAGENT

MS Teams

Direct access to valuable team knowledge

novomind iAGENT


Show your face – create trust

How can we take your customer service to the next level?

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