The fastest way to help customers

An active chat is just one click away: more and more end customers are relying on fast text-based dialogue with chatbots or customer service team members. novomind iAGENT Chat is precisely geared towards these real-time discussions – including when it comes to messenger services.
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Smart, simple and efficient

Conversational AI in customer service

“You are contacting us outside of our business hours” — phrases like this have no place in customer service chats. Here, end customers expect companies to be available around the clock.


One thing that can help is a chatbot, software that automates dialogue in customer service and can even provide smart advice when it comes to online sales. They provide clever responses and also recommend suitable products from the online shop. Individuality and conversational commerce are the magic words.

Live chat, chatbots, messenger and FAQs for the contact centre

Teamwork between humans and AI

With novomind iAGENT Chat, the preliminary work done by a chatbot can be quickly and easily brought to completion by real agents. Staff members are supplied with the dialogue previously conducted with the chatbot, as well as the relevant customer data, via connected third-party systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) and, therefore, are immediately informed of the details of the case they’re dealing with. In addition to purely textual chat — including co-browsing — they have the option of offering calls and video chats via the pioneering WebRTC technology. This guarantees an excellent customer experience.

How chatbots save time and money

Contact avoidance: agents only have to respond to the queries that require human thinking and creativity. Anything else is automatically answered by the chatbot in the background. This gives your agents more time to foster personal dialogue and generate customer loyalty.


And you can save on costs: in contrast to a traditional telephone service, the benefit is that your agents will be able to conduct multiple chats at the same time, significantly reducing the costs involved in synchronous communication for your business. What’s more, the upstream chatbot means that there are far fewer chats which have to be answered manually — standard queries no longer even get through to agents.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the like, directly integrated as channels of communication

  • With us, you’re closer to your customers:
    Facebook, WhatsApp and the like are core services that your customers use for private communication and, therefore, should also be integrated into the contact centre as professional channels. novomind iAGENT ensures that messenger services are smoothly integrated.
  • Queries are as simple to handle as always: 
    an agent responds on Messenger directly from the system itself and, as such, they can also access the central knowledge base.

Conversational AI is right at home with us

More than 20 years of experience at novomind

AI technology has been part of novomind’s history since our founding days. We have been driving the subject forward for over 20 years and, according to a study conducted by, this is significantly longer than usual on the market. Our AI can also be found in FAQ centres at insurance and health insurance companies, financial service providers and also in online retail — including an intelligent index that can be used to individually index all questions for Google searches.

novomind iAGENT Chat is, therefore, THE software for conducting synchronous, innovative dialogue with end customers.

Our features & benefits

Handovers to real agents

If the chatbot doesn’t know what to do, the matter is handed over to an agent. The chatbot can also be configured out of the box for messenger communications with handovers to real agents.

A simple user interface

The interface of our software is easy to use for agents. Not only does this minimise training time, but it also ensures that queries are handled quickly.

Skill-based chat routing

Speed and high quality guaranteed: thanks to skill-based chat routing, queries always reach the most suitable agent.

Upstream chatbot in live and messenger chats

Our chatbot handles the initial communication and provides fully-automated responses to standard queries. It only hands over to real agents when needed, and continues to support them with suggested responses so queries can be resolved even faster.

Quick, efficient processing

Our software provides agents with context-sensitive boilerplate text and push links. This allows them to conduct several chats at the same time. The system also permits over 1,500 contact centre employees to have simultaneous access.

Social media management in combination with live chat

With novomind iAGENT Chat for Facebook or other messenger services, agents have the option of switching from public to private 1:1 communication with customers — in real time.

Find the right spare part for your agricultural equipment via WhatsApp

The FRICKE Group’s customer service centre optimises availability thanks to novomind iAGENT Mail and the WhatsApp Business API: 100,000 emails sent in different languages are answered every month, and customers can get in touch via WhatsApp.
“Our customers immediately embraced WhatsApp with open arms as a channel which makes communicating with us easy.”
Silvan Schenk, Head of the Customer Service Centre, Wilhelm FRICKE SE
FRICKE Case Study

novomind iAGENT modules for omnichannel customer service

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Optimal processes at the contact service centre

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The intelligent solution for the voice service channel

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The fastest way to help customers

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The fully-automated 24/7 answering service

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Seize opportunities and turn critics into fans

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For transparency and consistent quality

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A very personal approach to customer communication

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MS Teams

Direct access to valuable team knowledge

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Show your face – create trust

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