Intelligent solutions for the voice channel

Customer service? Even in the 21st century, most people still reach for the telephone. The challenge: providing a telephone service is the most expensive option for your company in terms of staffing. This makes it all the more important to have an intelligent contact centre solution that forwards every incoming call to the appropriate agent. iAGENT Call results in more satisfied customers, as their requests are processed quickly by the right agent.

The call centre, reworked

novomind iAGENT Call

No one wants to say the same thing 10 times over

Customers get frustrated at having to repeat themselves. Their time is precious — as is your agents’ time. In a survey cited by the Handelsjournal, over 60% of customers reported long holding times as the biggest inconvenience, with nearly 50% finding the need to repeat their concerns particularly annoying. Every query should therefore be resolved as quickly as possible to provide a good customer experience.


If customers do have to wait a while on hold, iAGENT Call provides various asynchronous channels, such as voice message or the option to switch to WhatsApp. With additional options such as chatbots, emails and community management on social media, no calls are missed and every query is dealt with.

Next Level Service

From familiarisation to an individual solution

Every customer experience is different. It is therefore all the more important to know about customer history — across all channels: What is the problem? What is the status quo? What has already been talked about on a previous call? And what hasn’t? The “partner in crime” of every agent, therefore, is custom routing, including the connection of third-party systems such as CRM and ERP. This ensures quick access to all relevant data. With the preferred agent routing function, the caller — subject to availability — gets put through to their previous contact person, who knows the customer and their history in detail.

novomind iAGENT Call is fully integrated into the intuitive, user-friendly interface of novomind iAGENT Desk and offers agents all the practical functions for this channel, such as boilerplate text, conversation guides and automated response suggestions.

Detlev Louis

What do our customers say?

“novomind iAGENT is a flexible software solution that allows us to integrate our telephone customer enquiries and written communication, thus bringing the dialogue we have with our customers together onto one platform.”

Jan Ole Petersen

Head of Customer Relations, Detlev Louis

Our features & benefits


Is your customer service on WhatsApp? If things are taking a little longer, we transfer callers out of the queue and directly to the popular messenger service — taking into account all the guidelines laid down in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as a matter of course.


What you need for quality control: relevant statistics on incoming and outgoing calls. Call duration, waiting time until pick up, rejection rates, IVR turnaround time and post-processing time are no longer unknown factors.

Central routing

We automatically record the caller's query and offer custom, skill-based routing with intelligent overflows.

Connection to Microsoft Teams

Collaboration with the back office is seamless thanks to the integration of MS Teams via the iAgent app: the service team can do an internal search for a suitable expert to deal with the customer query and view their availability in real time.

IVR Call Flow Designer

No programming knowledge required: Call Flow Designer is used to generate individual scenarios for customer telephone communication on a graphical user interface in order to pre-qualify incoming calls and optimise service processes, for example.

Callback service

We automatically provide agents with telephone tickets as a template for dealing with callback requests.

novomind iAGENT modules for omnichannel customer service

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Optimal processes at the contact service centre

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The intelligent solution for the voice service channel

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The fastest way to help customers

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The fully-automated 24/7 answering service

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Seize opportunities and turn critics into fans

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For transparency and consistent quality

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A very personal approach to customer communication

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MS Teams

Direct access to valuable team knowledge

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Show your face – create trust

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