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Online retailers, banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, service providers and public institutions all face the same challenge: today’s end customers demand a good product as well as personal customer service. What counts here is speed and consistent responses across all channels. The essential prerequisite for this is contact centre software that exceeds expectations.
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24/7, 365 days in a year

Omnichannel communication with WOW factor

Nowadays, a central platform is needed to provide a good customer experience. And if a customer has a query? With our software, companies can answer questions quickly and easily, at every touchpoint. We know that every industry and every company has its own needs and, therefore, we offer our customers customised solutions.

The solution

novomind iAGENT offers 360° customer service

novomind iAGENT is a leading omnichannel contact centre system for medium-sized to very large companies and organisations with high volumes of inbound queries.

The software pools all channels of incoming communication onto a central interface – novomind iAGENT Desk – for contact centre agents, making for an intuitive way of working.

Our features & benefits

Central omnichannel routing

Queries are assigned to the right expert team based on various criteria - e.g. topic, location or skill. Routing decisions can also be controlled with data from connected third-party systems (CRM, ERP, etc.).

Automated replies

The new standard: standard queries which come up time and again are answered automatically using preconfigured text templates. This frees up the agent, giving them more time to deal with more complex issues.

A unified desktop

With iAGENT Desk, contact centre agents can process all customer enquiries from all channels on an easy-to-use central interface.

Approval workflow

System-supported dual control makes it easier to train new customer service staff members. This saves time, money - and is much less stressful.

Intelligent query identification

AI-based or semantic text analysis is used across all channels to reliably identify what customer queries are about.

24/7 service

Our chatbot draws on the knowledge base to answer customer queries across all digital channels - around the clock.

AI-based real-time service

An excellent user experience for agents

Our contact centre software improves the user experience for agents in the long-term, thanks to AI-based analysis and customer query classification. Dynamic omnichannel routing enables real-time service. All services are provided securely and in compliance with the GDPR. novomind iAGENT can be individually expanded for our customers thanks to open APIs.

These customers have put their trust in us

novomind iAGENT modules for omnichannel customer service

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Optimal processes at the contact service centre

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The intelligent solution for the voice service channel

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The fastest way to help customers

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The fully-automated 24/7 answering service

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Seize opportunities and turn critics into fans

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For transparency and consistent quality

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A very personal approach to customer communication

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MS Teams

Direct access to valuable team knowledge

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Show your face – create trust

How can we take your customer service to the next level?

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