Intelligent contact centre software to put a smile on your customers’ faces

Best-in-class customer service requires more than simply consistent responses across all channels. The key is providing a perfect customer experience. We deliver this with our contact centre software for enterprise-level omnichannel management.
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Intuitive interface

Handle queries at record speed

Good customer service sets companies apart from the competition in a crucial area. It makes customers happy and turns critics into fans. To achieve this, companies, no matter what size, need a central, intuitive interface with AI-based solutions. This is the only way to easily process thousands of queries made across channels, and at record speed to boot.

novomind iAGENT: a win-win for customers and agents

May we present to you...

novomind iAGENT — your new best friend in customer service and the leading omnichannel contact centre system on the market. With this software, contact centres of medium-sized to very large companies significantly reduce their average handling time and maximise contact avoidance across all channels of communication.

How do we achieve this?

Among other things, through our AI-based analysis and pre-classification of customer queries. Routine enquiries are answered automatically, giving agents more time for other issues. novomind iAGENT is the only system on the market to also feature dynamic omnichannel routing. Service level in real time, guaranteed!

But that's not enough

We also offer the all-in-one solution for multiple areas of application: from mail and complaint management, call, chat, chatbots and FAQ centres through to video chat, messenger communication (e.g. via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages) and reporting.

Seamless integration

Our contact centre software improves the user experience for agents in the long-term, thanks to AI-based analysis and customer query classification. Dynamic omnichannel routing enables real-time service. All services are provided securely and in compliance with the GDPR. novomind iAGENT can be individually expanded for our customers thanks to open APIs.

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