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Business travellers and private individuals alike very often choose their travel agency based on the customer service experience. Standards have risen, and companies are also under increasing cost pressure.
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Effective customer service is more important than ever

True to the motto “Don’t stand in the way of a traveller”, it is more important now than ever for travel companies to provide quick responses to customer queries. Both business travellers and tourists expect comprehensive support before, during and after their trip, and across all channels of communication. Demands that push even leading companies in the travel industry to their limits due to the staff shortages in the tourism sector.


It is, therefore, all the more important to make sure that customer service is effective and to optimise customer communication. What can help with this is automating processes through digital, intelligent solutions.

Did you know?

  • According to the Foundation for Future Studies, 2.4 million people were employed in the tourism industry in Germany in 2020.
  • Digitalisation is the most important trending topic for 46% of all companies surveyed by the German Tourism Competence Centre.

How we solve the challenges in the tourism industry

Omnichannel communication is consistently centred around creating the perfect trip: the integration of all channels makes for a successful customer journey.
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Cloud-based customer communication

novomind iAGENT is a cloud-based omnichannel platform that intelligently brings together and manages all relevant channels of communication. Whether customers want to ask questions about their trip via chat, video chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS or telephone: our contact centre software is there for your customers where they need it, even before they travel. And best of all: the interface is easy for agents to use so no lengthy onboarding is required.

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Happy customers and agents

Automating customer dialogue is fundamental for successful omnichannel communication within large companies. novomind iAGENT integrates chatbots, an FAQ centre and intelligent routing in order to take some of the workload off your employees and identify what a customer wants before the first call. Agents, therefore, only come into play when the customer’s query goes above and beyond standard questions via chatbot, and they are immediately up to date on the status of the trip and any previous contact in your contact centres. This saves time, costs and also ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our features & benefits

Smart chatbots

If the chatbot's communication does not lead to the desired result, it forwards the customer to an agent who immediately continues the dialogue in person.

Video chat

Video chats help with pre-trip personal advice. Customers can find out more about travel destinations or special events on an individual basis.


The messenger service can be used to check the availability of and then book rental vehicles, for example. Customer surveys are also possible via WhatsApp.

Complaint management

Clearly documenting a complaint in iAgent Claim helps to resolve things faster, more transparently and therefore more concisely, which, in turn, helps to improve the customer experience.

Social selling via Instagram

Tour operators can post pictures of destinations on Instagram whilst also using this channel to speak to customers about their travel questions and to take bookings.

Omnichannel communication

Seamless omnichannel communication is consistently centred around creating the perfect trip: communication across all channels makes for a successful customer journey.

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24/7 support and more than 150,000 email enquiries per month

A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS is currently the largest independent hostel provider in Europe. With novomind iAGENT, continuous 24/7 support is guaranteed for handling more than 150,000 e-mail enquiries per month.  
“It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Our service level increases in parallel with the number of guests and their loyalty to A&O.”

 Oliver Winter, General Manager, A&O

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